Policies and Fees - Summer

Your success is our main priority. Slug Orientation will help maximize your learning, link you to academic and social resources, provide support throughout the entire summer, and connect you to continuing students. Slug Orientation is provided to all incoming students. Review the information below to understand your responsibilities.

Participation Expectations

  • Completing Slug Orientation is the expected next step
  • Complete each course by the deadline to get an early enrollment appointment
  • Submit official test scores and official transcripts to the Office of Admissions
  • Engage with advisers during Virtual Advising Days (advisers will send emails with details)
  • Fully participate in Fall Welcome Week

Via your UCSC email you will receive the course invitation from UCSC Canvas. You need to accept the course invitation to access the Slug Orientation courses in Canvas.

Program Participation and Fees

Slug Orientation has no fee.


Slug Orientation

Slug Orientation is the next step for all new students, and consists of completing a series of online courses during June, July and August, meeting all deadlines, submitting official test scores and transcripts, and fully participating in Fall Welcome Week.

June Course 1- provides you with information you need to understand the structure of the university, reminds you of critical admissions deadlines, requires you to upload your ID card photo, and guides you through exploring your academic goals.

July Course 2- focuses on advising and enrollment preparation for successful class enrollment in July

August Course 3- provides you with campus academic and social resources to help you successfully begin your academic career, move-in preparation guidance, and Fall Welcome Week information.

Fall Welcome Week - full participation in Fall Welcome Week, completing We Are Slugs (Alcohol.edu and Title IX requirements), and review of selected presentations.

Optional On-campus Programming

For summer 2020, no on-campus programs available.

Refund Policy (for on-campus programs)

Please read the information below carefully. When communicating with our office, always include your full name and student ID number. Orientation charges are posted to your student account and the student is fully responsible for payment.
  • Withdrawing Admissions (Applicant withdraws application)
    If you withdraw from the university, the orientation fee will be deleted from your student account. You are responsible for any pending/outstanding optional programming orientation fees after the first day of the quarter.
  • Cancelled by Admissions (Admissions Office revokes admissions decision)
    If your admissions was cancelled by the Office of Admissions, the orientation fee will be deleted from your student account.
  • Under Reconsideration by Admissions (Appeal of admissions cancellation)
    Being under reconsideration means that you are in cancelled status, and you will not be able to enroll in fall classes.

    If your admission is reinstated by the Office of Admissions the Orientation Office will provide you with needed support and information. Including sending you any missed Slug Orientation Courses and providing direct fall class enrollment support.
  • Reinstated by Admissions (Reinstate admissions after appealing)
    Once your admission is reinstated by the Office of Admissions, the Orientation Office will provide you with needed support and information. Including sending you any missed Slug Orientation Courses and providing direct fall class enrollment support.

    Once you have been reinstated all pending optional programming orientation fees apply (if applicable), including the refund policy.

Portal Message & To Do Items, and Emails

It is the responsibility of the student to:

  1. Read all MyUCSC portal messages, and take action if requested
  2. Complete any outstanding To Do Items (i.e. sending and verifying receipt of Official Transcripts and Test Scores by Admissions)
  3. Meet all deadlines

Missing deadlines – or not following through – may put your admission status at risk.

Slug Orientation Conduct Policy

Conditions of Admission contract applies. Slug Orientation is the beginning of your educational career at UC Santa Cruz. Approach your time with Slug Orientation seriously. Be ready and take full advantage of what is offered. Failure to attend or participate in any part of orientation is your own responsibility and can jeopardize proper academic and course enrollment.

The Orientation Program strictly adheres to UC Santa Cruz campus policies, as well as all state and federal laws regarding alcohol and/or drug use. The use of alcohol and/or drugs during the program is NOT permitted. Participants who are in the presence of and/or consuming alcohol and/or drugs will be referred to the Student Judicial Affairs and/or the UC Santa Cruz Police Department. Failure to abide by this policy could result in being asked to leave the program without registering for classes and you will be fully responsible for all orientation fees (non-refundable).

Fully complying with the UC Electronic Communications Policy is expected.

Smoke and Tobacco-Free

To improve the health of the campus community and create a cleaner environment, UCSC became a smoke and tobacco-free campus on January 1, 2014. Smoke and tobacco-free means that smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products and the use of unregulated nicotine products ("e‐cigarettes") are prohibited in indoor and outdoor spaces, such as parking lots and rental units on campus. The sale or advertising of tobacco products is prohibited in buildings owned or occupied by the university. This policy applies to all UCSC facilities in Santa Cruz and at satellite locations. It applies to all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, contractors, visitors, and anyone entering onto University‐controlled properties. It is applicable 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. For more information: http://tobaccofree.ucsc.edu/.

Lost and Found

The Orientation Office is not liable for lost or stolen items. The campus Lost and Found office is located in the Police Department. 

Questions Regarding Policies & Fees

Contact the Orientation office at 831-459-5468 or email orientation@ucsc.edu