Visiting Students

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz!

We are honored that you are now part of the Banana Slug family!

Over the summer you will receive information via email on how to navigate the campus resources and give you an understanding of how to prepare for your first quarter at UC Santa Cruz. The Visiting Student Advising & Enrollment course, which will be available via on July 5, will help you prepare for fall class enrollment via your MyUCSC Student Portal (or

Important Information

  • Starting August 5th, you will have access to your priority enrollment appointment. This means that you will be able to enroll for fall classes. You can enroll for classes any day starting at 9:00am Pacific Time on August 5th. You will continue to have access to your enrollment appointment throughout the summer. We recommend that you speak with your advisor and that you enroll for fall classes on August 5th or soon after.
  • To know what classes to choose, follow the instructions or advice provided by your home institution. If you need additional guidance you can reach out to an advisor in the department for your major, at UC Santa Cruz.
  • Complete the Visiting Student Advising & Enrollment Course in Canvas. (Access information will be sent to your email address.)
  • Remember to continue to meet all of your requirements within iGlobal- log in at https://iglobal.ucsc.ed

Visiting students are students that are part of a study abroad (i.e. EAP), or visiting and exchange programs.

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