Orientation FAQ for Students Starting Fall 2024

Q: What is the Orientation Course? [show]

A: The Orientation Course is required for all new students. New UCSC students will complete the course during the summer, and engage with their Orientation Leader Team. After saying "YES!" to UCSC, you will begin to receive emails from the Orientation Office with specific orientation instructions and deadlines. You will receive one academic credit for completing and Passing the Orientation Course. You will be automatically enrolled in the Orientation Course.

Q: What are the dates and deadlines for the Orientation Course? [show]

A: The required Orientation Course is fully online. New students must complete the orientation process to get a class enrollment appointment date. See the dates and deadlines page for details.

Q: I am unable to meet some admission deadline, what do I do? [show]

A: Contact the Office of Admissions immediately. Not meeting deadlines or submitting your official transcripts late may put you at risk of your admission being canceled.

Q: Do I have to go to campus during the summer? [show]

A: During the summer months, the required Orientation Course is only online. You do not need to go to campus. All you need to do is complete the required online Orientation Course which will provide you with all of the information you need to have a successful transition to UC Santa Cruz and to prepare for your fall quarter class enrollment. You will need internet access.

Q: How do I access the Orientation Course? [show]

A: You will receive an email from the Orientation Office with instructions on how to access the Orientation Course via Canvas. The email will be sent to your UCSC email account. *Note: The required Orientation Course is via Canvas and only online.

Q: How do I access videos and slides if I do not have access to YouTube and Google from home? [show]

A: Use this link to gain access to YouTube using a university-provided VPN service. Also, all of the orientation videos have PDF companions that provide you with the same informationIf you have access issues pertaining to technology, contact the Orientation Office at orientation@ucsc.edu, and we will connect you to the appropriate resources.

Q: How do I pay for the Orientation Course? [show]

A: The Orientation Course tuition of $279 will be added to your student account (MyUCSC) as "Summer Session Course Fee" and will be due in August. Students with need may be eligible for financial aid. The Financial Aid & Scholarship Office will be in contact with students that qualify directly. When you receive your bill, follow the instructions on the billing statement to make your payment.

Q: How do I prepare for class enrollment? [show]

A: Parts 1 and 2 of the Orientation Course contain all the information needed to assist you in preparing for your fall quarter class schedule, and to prepare for your enrollment appointment. Orientation Leaders will be available throughout the summer to provide you with personal support and guidance. Also, during Virtual Advising Days, you will be able to connect with your advisors.

Q: When will I be able to enroll in classes? [show]

A: You will receive your enrollment appointment date once we verify completion of both Parts 1 and 2 of the Orientation Course and after we confirm the Admissions Office has received your official transcripts.

Q: I would like to attend an on-campus orientation, is that an option? [show]

A: There are a number of optional on-campus dates available this summer. Spaces for the optional on-campus program are limited. Spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. You do not need to come to campus to meet the orientation requirement Take a virtual campus tour.

Q: What happens if I do not complete the Orientation Course? [show]

A: The Orientation Course is required, and you will be left at a real disadvantage if not completed. There is so much that is part of the Orientation Course, including ID card photo upload, class enrollment preparation, completing the We Are Slugs! requirements (which if not met will give you a class enrollment hold for the winter quarter), housing, financial aid and scholarships, start-of-the-quarter preparation, and academic and social resources information. To receive an enrollment appointment date (to enroll for classes in August), and to PASS the class, you need to complete the Orientation Course in its entirety.

Q: When will I receive the one academic credit for the Orientation Course? [show]

A: You will receive one unit of academic credit when you Pass the course. This means fully completing each part of the Orientation Course.

Q: I am visiting Santa Cruz during the summer, where can I stay? [show]

A: There are many great places to stay in the local areaclick here to view local options.

Q: I am unable to meet the official transcript deadline, what do I do? [show]

A: Contact the Office of Admissions immediately. Not meeting deadlines could put you at risk of your admission being canceled.

Q: Where do I find my test scores (e.g. AP, etc.) in MyUCSC student portal? [show]

A: Login to your MyUCSC student portal, then follow the instructions on this AP Score Verification page.

Q: I have taken AP (Advancement Placement), and/or IB (International Baccalaureate) exams but I do not see them in my portal? [show]

A:  There are two reasons your AP and/or IB scores might not be posted:
--Your score was never sent to UCSC. To have your AP scores sent, contact AP Services at (609) 771-7300 or (888) 225-5427, or visit the AP Scores webpage. UCSC’s school code is 4860. To have your IB scores, visit the IB Scores webpage for more information.
--Your score was sent to UCSC, but it did not correctly match with your student record. This can happen for a variety of reasons including a slightly different spelling of your name, a mismatch on the birth date, etc.
If you are sure your scores were sent, contact Admissions and upload the score report you received via their website: https://admissions.sa.ucsc.edu/inquiry/ (choose “Admitted Student,” then “Test Scores”). Admissions will review and respond to your inquiry promptly.


Q: I did not receive any information about the required Orientation Course. What should I do? [show]

A: First, check your spam folder within your UCSC email account (ends with @ucsc.edu). If it is not there, then email orientation@ucsc.edu and we will send you access information. Include your full name and your 7-digit UCSC ID number in your email.


To learn about Placement Exams, and if you need to take any, visit the sites below:

Writing Placement (required for all frosh) 
Math Placement (required for math class placement – see list of majors that need math)
Language Placement Exams (varies according to language)
Spanish Placement Exam (take online placement prior to enrollment)