Orientation Course Dates

The Orientation Course is required. In order to get an enrollment appointment, you must complete Parts 1 and 2 of the Orientation Course, and submit your official transcripts (and test scores if applicable) to the Admissions Office.

All new students are expected to receive a passing grade and to fully participate in the online Orientation Course through the summer. Learn more about the course expectations and the orientation process to-do items for a successful course completion.

Students must fully complete Part 1 in order to gain access to Part 2.

Online Orientation Course Dates

Orientation Course Parts Approximate Access Date Due Date
Part 1: Getting Started June 26 July 6
Part 2: Advising & Enrollment      July 7 July 16
Part 3: Understanding My University     August 10 August 26

The online orientation course is accessed via Canvas. Learn how to use and navigate Canvas.

Participation and completion of the Orientation Course is required to receive one academic credit and to receive an enrollment appointment date.

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