Slug Orientation Course Dates

Instructions on how to access these courses will be sent to your UCSC email account (activate your UCSC email account now). Within a week of submitting your statement of intent to register (SIR), you will receive the link to submit your SlugCard photo (first step). Follow the photo submission requirements carefully.

Slug Orientation is your next step. In order to get an early enrollment appointment, you must complete the Slug Orientation courses, and submit your official test scores and transcripts to admissions.

Initial To Do Items:

1. Learn to use/navigate Canvas   (you will have access after you submit your SIR)
2. SlugCard photo submission After April 15, and before June 15

Online Course Dates

Course Approximate Access Date Due Date
Course 1: Getting Started June 22 July 3
Course 2: Advising & Enrollment Prep       July 6 July 16
Course 3: Understanding My University     August 10 August 28

Completion of Slug Orientation courses is required to receive an early enrollment appointment. Orientation is only online during the summer, so as long as you have internet access you can complete the assigned courses.

 Reminder that orientation is only online.

Slug Orientation Fees

Slug Orientation has no fee.


Once orientation (if you participate in on-campus programs, when offered) fees are posted to your student account, you will receive a bill from Student Business Services. Follow the instructions on the billing statements once you receive it to make your payment.