College 1A & Kresge 1T

All new frosh and transfer students that start fall quarter are required to enroll in the orientation one-unit course, either College 1A (for frosh) or Kresge 1T (for transfers). Students are automatically enrolled in the course on June 21st. College 1A and Kresge 1T are part of the Slug Orientation process during the summer. College 1A, Introduction to University Life at UC Santa Cruz, begins frosh student preparation for their studies at their college and the university overall. Kresge 1T, Introduction to Research Universities and the Liberal Arts, prepares transfer students for success in their major and the university overall.

Students will receive one academic credit, and a Pass* grade, when they complete the orientation requirement. To receive the academic credit, students need to meet all deadlines, complete Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the orientation process, and submit the summer reading assignments as part of College 1A/Kresge 1T. 

*Students that do not complete the orientation process will not receive the one-unit of academic credit and will receive a No Pass grade.

It is to the student’s benefit to be engaged during the summer: to get the one unit of credit, get a passing grade, and to receive the enrollment appointment date (to be able to enroll in fall quarter classes). Also, completing the orientation process and staying engaged during the summer will assist in having a strong start to your academic career.

In Canvas

In total, students will see 4 different parts in Canvas: 

  • College 1A or Kresge 1T
  • Part 1 (Getting Started)
  • Part 2 (Advising & Enrollment)
  • Part 3 (Understanding My University)

Each part becomes available on different dates throughout the summer. We recommend that you start each part as soon as you have access, and complete each part before the deadline. If you have trouble accessing any parts of the course or have any questions email


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