Fall Welcome Week 2020

Welcome Week is filled with important activities and sessions designed for new students living on and off campus.

Welcome Week for your college begins on your affiliated college's move-in date. Classes begin October 1st. Your college will send you specific move-in information. Visit UCSC Move-in Schedule for Fall to see your college's move-in date. Transfer student activities begin on your college's move-in day (notice the sessions that are transfer-specific).

Welcome Week information is available via the Campuswide Schedule orientation page and your college Welcome Week page. Go through both pages as there are various mandatory/required sessions on both calendars that you need to attend. We highly encourage you to participate fully. Copy events to your personal Google calendar, and see event details, by clicking on the event name within the calendar then click on the "copy to my calendar" link.

Sample Calendar
Sample campuswide calendar to show how to read the calendar.

CONGRATULATIONS again to you and your family for this terrific achievement!