Day-of Enrollment Support

Your Orientation Leader (OL) Team is available to assist you during your enrollment appointment. They are holding Day-of Enrollment Support sessions every weekday during enrollment! If you need enrollment support on the day that you are scheduled to enroll in classes, they will be available to promptly support you in navigating your MyUCSC on your enrollment day. 

Ways to reach your Orientation Leaders

  1. Available over Google Chat. Engage via chat through the Google chat feature integrated into your Gmail account ( If you need help enabling chat in your gmail, click here!
  2. You can email your Orientation Leader Team. (See Module 3 in to access the email address.)
  3. Join the Drop-in Zoom office hours. In the calendar below, click in the “OL Zoom Drop-in Office Hours” to access the drop-in Zoom link.

Check the calendar below to see what time (in PT), your Orientation Leader Team will be available on your enrollment day.