Meet your Orientation Leaders

  • Amber Mateer

    Amber Mateer

    Hi y’all! My name is Amber Mateer and I just graduated UC Santa Cruz with a double major in Sociology and Art. I use she/her/hers pronouns and was affiliated with Merrill College. I was involved with Merrill Student Government, the Competitive Sports (both Intramurals and Club) office, the Merrill Programs and Leadership Office, and University Relations. I grew up in Southern California and I love bookmaking. I also identify as a queer woman!
  • Andrea Morales

    Andrea Morales

    What’s up y’all! My name is Andrea Morales, I am an incoming third year, Environmental Studies major from College Ten! I’m a first generation student from Wilmington, CA and identify as queer and Chicanx. I am involved in the Competitive Sports program here at UCSC and am an EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) student. I enjoy going to the beach, listening to music and hiking around campus! If you see me around campus feel free to say hello.
  • Angie Valencia

    Angie Valencia

    Hi there! My name is Angie, I’m a second-year Politics major, proud first-generation Latina student, bilingual (Hablo Español :), affiliated with College Ten, and my pronouns are She/Her/Hers. I’m involved in EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) and College Ten Senate. I’m from Inglewood, CA. In my free time, I like to embroider, learn new languages, and go hiking around Upper Campus with my friends. I can’t wait to get to meet ya’ll!
  • Anne Catalan

    Anne Catalan

    Hello everyone! My name is Anne and I am an incoming third year majoring in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology. I am a first generation college student whose affiliated with Crown College and I’m originally from Long Beach, California. Personally I love going to the beach and exploring nature. If I’m not running around campus from class to class then I’ll either be working in the Crown Advising Office as a Peer Adviser or just doing typical RA duties for the apartment that I’m responsible for. I look forward to meeting you all!
  • Calvin Lee

    Calvin Lee

    Hey y’all, I’m Calvin Lee and an incoming fourth year studying Chemistry! I’m affiliated with Kresge College and a member of Circle K International, a community service organization on campus! I’m a first generation college student from the Bay Area. My hobbies include hiking, making YouTube videos, listening to music and playing video games! :)
  • Daisjah Sheperd

    Daisjah Sheperd

    Hey Y'all ! My name is Daisjah, I am currently a third year Sociology, Anthropology double major and Oakes College affiliate! I am a first generation college student from Santa Rosa, California and so being at UC Santa Cruz has been an adventure to say the least, but I have loved every minute of it! In my free time I enjoy running. I also enjoy watching cheesy movies, hanging out with my friends and singing way too loud to throwbacks in the car! If you see me around don't be afraid to say hi!
  • Jeremiah Rojas

    Jeremiah Rojas

    Hello. My name is Jeremiah Rojas and I recently graduated with a mathematics degree.

    I am affiliated with Oakes College. I was involved with Oakes, CalTeach, and the Writing Program. I am a first-generation, gay student. I was born in Guam, a little tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, and grew up in Stockton, CA. I enjoy staying in, watching movies, and eating.

  • Jose Dominguez

    Jose Dominguez

    Hey! What’s good? My name is Jose Dominguez. I am a recent graduate with a degree on Sociology and Latin American Latino Studies. I am a first generation student from North Hollywood, CA. I identify as Gay, I’ve lived on campus all four years of my stay here, and I’m a scorpio.
  • Kali El-Sherif

    Kali El-Sherif

    Hey y'all! My name's Kali El-Sherif and I'm a second year Computer Science major from Mountain House, California. I proudly identify as a queer Middle Eastern person and my pronouns are they/them/theirs! I'm affiliated with College Ten and involved with College Ten Senate, Smith Society, and EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). In my free time I love to listen to music (mostly Pop and R&B), go on walks, watch TV, and play video games. Can't wait to see y'all around!
  • May Alvarez

    May Alvarez

    My name is May Alvarez. I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am an incoming third year double majoring in Art and Film and Digital Media with a concentration in Digital Media. I am particularly interested in doing animation. I love Disney and Pixar movies. I am affiliated with Merrilll College, and I am involved in Merrill Student Government and the Merrill Programs and Leadership office.
  • Michelle Huang

    Michelle Huang

    Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Huang and I am currently a third year majoring in Psychology and Business Management and Economics.

    I’m affiliated with College Nine and am involved with the College 9 Senate, SUA Food Pantry, and the Korean American Student Association. My hobbies include cooking, baking, and going on food adventures. Hope to see you around!

  • Miranda Stuart

    Miranda Stuart

    Hi there! My name’s Miranda and I’m a Sociology major and Latin American Latino Studies minor graduating Spring 2019 at Oakes College.

    I’m a first generation college student from San Bernardino, California and going to UCSC has been an entirely different and exciting experience for me. I also proudly identify as a Chicana and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had to learn more about myself. Some fun facts about me are that I love listening to music, playing old school arcade games, and writing poetry!

  • Paulina Chavez

    Paulina Chavez

    My name is Paulina Chavez, I am first generation college graduate of UCSC. I spent my time at UCSC participating in greek life and building connections with many people around me. A few fun facts about me are I love exploring new places, I am a leo so that means I am open to talking to anyone and I love UCSC.
  • Ram Dimand

    Ram Dimand

    I am a Cognitive Science major with a focus on AI & Human/Computer Interactions from Oakes College.

    I am involved in Hillel and Slugs for Israel and work at a candy shop. I enjoy hiking around campus and biking around Santa Cruz!

  • Tristian Morales

    Tristian Morales

    My name is Tristian Morales. I am a graduating Computer Science: Computer Game Design student affiliated with Oakes. I like making and playing video games, watching anime, and making art. Because of my interests I joined a number of clubs such as the Game Design and Art Collaboration, the Tabletop Gaming Association, and Slug Anime and Manga Association.
  • Tyler Bartholome

    Tyler Bartholome

    I’m a third year intensive psychology major from Porter college, and I use he/him and they/them pronouns (either works fine for me)!

    I love playing ukulele, singing, and taking Lola (my dog) for walks on West Cliff--and if I had to choose a favorite artist it’d probably be Ariana Grande (although Solange and Kali Uchis are amazing too). One day I hope to sing for big audiences or maybe even have my own clinical practice, as I identify as queer and would love to be a counselor for LGBTQIA+ youth.

  • Vanessa Mata

    Vanessa Mata

    Hey everyone! My name’s Vanessa and I’m a third year from Cowell College. Up until last quarter I was studying Robotics Engineering, but I’m now transitioning to Business Management Economics.
    I was born and raised in Venezuela, so Spanish is my first language. I love to sing and dance, and my life goal is to work for Disneyㄧwhether it be in technology, human resources, or (preferably) performing arts. I’m also a board member for Society of STEM Sisters, and you can catch me playing tennis at OPERS or giving tours around campus!