140 Things To Do Before You Graduate

While at UC Santa Cruz, take advantage of the 140 Things To Do Before You Graduate list! These are recommendations from your Orientation Staff. All activities are either free or of minimal price. These activities are a great way to make new friends and explore Santa Cruz. And most are just a short bus ride away!

1. Keep a journal, when you're older you'll get a huge kick out of seeing all the absurd things you were thinking about

2. Participate in an Escape Room

3. Go to First Friday!

4. Visit the MAH

5. Ride the holiday lights train to roaring camp

6. Bands on the Beach at the Boardwalk

7. Visit the Garden of Eden

8. Work for Slug Orientation!

9. Check out the Kinetic Poetics Spoken Word Festival in February, it's the largest collegiate poetry slam in the nation!

10. Go to the farmer's market in downtown Santa Cruz on Wednesdays

11. Grab a bite to eat at Abbott Square

12. Attend the Clam Chowder Festival at the Boardwalk!

13. Roller-skate or take a walk down West Cliff

14. Check out the student volunteer center

15. Teach an ESLP (education for sustainable living) class!

16. Volunteer for the Kresge Co-op

17. Study abroad

18. Check out the Arboretum, it's got the largest collection of plants native to Australia and Africa outside of either of those continents!

19. Become a published author! Submit your work to Red Wheelbarrow, Chinquapin, Matchbox Magazine, Leviathan, one of the newspapers, etc.

20. Get a new wardrobe from Moon Zoom

21. Go to dance church!!

22. Watch a movie at the Regal Theater

23. Become a KZSC DJ!

24. Visit the Monarch Butterflies at Natural Bridges

25. Go tidepooling at Natural Bridges

26. Take a class/go on a weekend adventure with the Office of Athletics and Recreation

27. Eat at Zoccolis

28. Go roller-skating downtown

29. Volunteer! (Jacob's Heart, Seymour Center, etc)

30. Go to the greenhouse on the roof of Thimann labs

31. Go to Marianne's and Penny Ice Creamery!

32. Visit the Mission (downtown Santa Cruz)

33. Study at Lulu Carpenter's

34. Go to the Seymour Center

35. Go shopping downtown

36. Drive to the lookout point down by the boardwalk

37. Take a picture at the Porter squiggle

38. Go to the Mystery Spot

39. Explore the forest on campus

40. Go to an A Cappella show on campus

41. Spend a day at the beach

42. Go to a concert at the Catalyst

43. Hike Upper Campus

44. Attend UCSC pride

45. Visit the Capitola Village

46. Have a bonfire at Seabright Beach

47. Watch a surfing competition

48. Join an intramural sports team

49. Eat at Cafe Brasil

50. Go to the Santa Cruz Chocolate Festival

51. Watch the sunset from the Stevenson Knoll

52. Paint a Mural

53. Become friends with someone from another country

54. Attend the Multi Cultural Festival (MCF)

55. Stay at the library past midnight during finals week

56. Go to a student production on campus

57. Go surfing

58. Go backpacking with the Office of Athletics and Recreation

59. Run a 10k in Santa Cruz

60. Go to Porter Caves

61. Stargaze at Oakes Lower Lawn

62. Try out for Sabrosura, a Latin Dance Troupe on campus

63. Take a massage therapy class through the recreation center

64. Get more in touch with EOP opportunities

65. Paint something at Petroglyph

66. Hang out at Natural Bridges for a day and explore

67. Go on the Giant Dipper at the Boardwalk

68. Do homework/studying at a coffee shop

69. Rent a kayak at the pier

70. Go fishing at the pier

71. Visit the Tea House Spa

72. Get a bike and explore our campus and city

73. Check out the Nickelodeon Theater!

74. Check out awesome shopping opportunities that are cheap, like Salvation Army and Crossroads

75. Walk along West Cliff

76. Run the school's track that people have said sits "at the edge of the world"

77. Make a candle at the Glow Candle Lounge

78. Go to the Surf Museum on Westcliff

79. Go to the boardwalk when it is not in operation

80. Go to one of the many local delicatessens

81. Go to the Target at the Capitola Mall

82. Watch a Rainbow Theatre show

83. Watch a spring show for Los Mejicas

84. Try a milkshake at Saturn cafe

85. Go to the antique fair at downtown Santa Cruz

86. Check out some cool glass sculptures

87. Grocery shop at Staff of Life

88. Go to Seabright Beach

89. Eat at the Crepe Place

90. Go to a midnight movie at the Del Mar

91. Go to the Greek Festival

92. Watch and Participate in Random With A Purpose (or any other dance show!)

93. Volunteer in the Kresge Garden

94. Join a club or organization on campus

95. Go to an open mic night

96. Take a class you're interested in that doesn't satisfy anything. FOR FUN

97. Rocky Horror

98. Eat at a fancy restaurant

99. Go to a drum circle in upper-campus on a full moon

100. Eat at Taqueria Santa Cruz

101. Eat at Betty's Burger

102. Try kava tea at the MeloMelo Kava Bar

103. Walk through all of campus

104. Watch the sunrise on campus

105. Explore the city of Santa Cruz

106 Eat at Pizza My Heart

107. Bike down the bike path near the music center

108. Eat the "Spicoli" at Burger.

109. Find a Banana Slug on campus

111. Go the World Famous Chocolate Shop on Mission St.

111. Go to funk night at the crepe place and dance! (Tuesday nights) YAYYYY!!!!

112. Check out Streetlight Records

113. Get a fancy coffee drink at Lulus or Verve

114. Go to a boardwalk concert in the summertime

115. Ride bikes to Wilder Ranch

116. Go to the lighthouse on Sunday nights to enjoy the awesome fire dancing and hula hooping and join in on the fun

117. Go to the Hidden Peak Tea House off of Pacific Ave and drink tea with friends, no technology allowed : )

118. Visit the sea lions at the Boardwalk

119. Take a trip down to Big Sur for some awesome views! Also look for sea otters!

120. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium

121. Check out downtown on Halloween night (but be safe, it's hectic!)

122. Watch the sunset at the Santa Cruz Wharf

123. Go to Twins Lake State Beach (by Capitola Mall)

124. Volunteer at the Homeless Garden Project

125. Volunteer at Barrios Unidos on Soquel Ave (learn about the Prison Project)

126. Go to Freedom Meat Locker in Watsonville

127. Eat at Taquiera Vallarta on Mission Street

128. Take a Zumba class through the UCSC Recreation Department

129. Eat at every dining hall on campus

130. Go to the free movies on the beach during summer

131. Have clam chowder on the wharf

132. Seek the infinite resources (Educational Opportunities Program, Ethnic Resource Centers, etc.) that we have at UCSC

133. Eat at Vasilis Greek Restaurant

134. $1.50 rides at the Boardwalk on Monday and Tuesday nights during the Summer

135. Run from the base of campus to the track

136. Thrift shopping on Wednesdays (50% off at salvation!!)

137. Go Salsa Dancing at the Beach Boardwalk on Sunday evenings

138. Participate in Alternative Spring Break

139. Do Research with a Professor

140.  Eat at every Café on campus

Also see, fun attractions recommended by the Housing Office