Transportation Facts- TAPS, February 2017

Important Information from Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS)

  • Did you know you can get the latest tweets about UCSC campus transit and parking at @ucsc_taps?
  • Because of UCSC's terrain, walking is often the best way to get where you're going, so make sure to bring a pair of good walking shoes. A walking map of the campus, along with estimated walking times, is available here:
  • Need to travel between UCSC and local airports?  See this helpful info:
  • Need occasional access to a car?  Zipcar might work for you:
  • Want to ride the Turkey/Polar/Bunny Express between UCSC and Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring break? Register online at UCSC Recreation; select Services > LA Holiday Express Buses in the top navigation at:, or call Matt Brower at (831) 459-2807 for more information.
  • UCSC has it's own rideshare program. Zimride is a great way to share a ride with another UCSC student, or set up a carpool. More information at
  • UCSC Transportation and Parking Services partners with Santa Cruz Metro to provide evening and weekend bus service to shopping locations near UCSC. Check out the Route 20 UCSC via Westside schedule at for details.
  • Your can get real-time locations of UCSC Campus Transit shuttles (our on-campus bus system) from and from these mobile apps that use data:
    • Slug Bus - Loop Tracker for UCSC (iPhone app)
    • Slug Route (iPhone app)
    • Slug Stop (Android app)
  • Did you know that for safety reasons the bike path through the Great Meadow closes at sunset? A variety of information for UCSC bicyclists is available here:
  • Did you know that you could "borrow" a bike at no charge from The UCSC Bike Library? Get more information and an online application here:
  • Bicycles brought to campus are required to be licensed. Locations where you can obtain a free bike license are listed here: