Welcome to UC Santa Cruz!

Photo by Casey Weiss.

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz! You are now a Banana Slug!

Congratulations, the entire UC Santa Cruz campus welcomes you to a community of scholars that are innovators, risk-takers, and visionary world leaders. Slug Orientation is a critical academic program that is designed to assure you start strong from the first day, and encompasses your entire journey from  .

Slug Orientation is your next step. In order to get an early enrollment appointment, you must complete Course 1 and 2, and submit your official test scores and transcripts to admissions.

Slug Orientation represents your entire experience of becoming a Banana Slug from completing your intent to register to your first day of class. It includes: 

  • Completing a series of online courses designed to provide advising and enrollment support, and help you learn how to navigate campus and academic resources
  • Active engagement with Orientation Leaders
  • Full participation in Fall Welcome Week

The goals of Slug Orientation are to:

  • Provide you with timely information (what you need to know now)
  • Connect you with advising resources
  • Provide you with the information you need to choose and enroll in your first quarter classes
  • Encourage engagement in your inclusive community; be a respectful and respected member of your multicultural community
  • Support your transition into a research university
  • Encourage you to get involved and be engaged with the community
  • Connect you to current students and assist you in finding the answers to your important questions
  • Welcome you and your family to the UC Santa Cruz community

Completing the Slug Orientation courses will guarantee early class enrollment for fall quarter classes. Slug Orientation will assist you in preparing for class enrollment (with advising and enrollment support), learning to navigate the campus, learning about campus resources (such as Learning Support Services, safety resources, the Health Center, financial aid, resource centers, college and university housing, student groups, career services) and developing connections with students and staff who will assist in your academic and personal endeavors.

To pay for Slug Orientation, go to your MyUCSC portal.

Right to Privacy

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), UC Santa Cruz Orientation Office protects the confidentiality of any student’s records. Access to a student’s records will be given to the student only.