Unofficial Transcripts Request for Transfers

[This information is only for newly admitted transfer students.]

Some departments/majors require that by July 1st you provide UNOFFICIAL transcripts from all community colleges and/or universities you have attended. This request is independent of the required official transcript submission to the Admissions Office. Please be advised that if you miss the July 1st deadline, your prerequisites may not be coded in time for you to enroll in classes. It is to your advantage to submit unofficial transcripts early.

You need to only send unofficial transcripts if you plan to declare one of the majors listed below. If you have a double major, and both of your majors are listed below, send your unofficial transcripts to both offices. For questions, contact the corresponding office directly.

You can send your transcripts via email as a PDF. On the unofficial transcript please include your full name, UCSC 7-digit student ID #, email and phone number, the name of the school the transcript is from, final grades and units earned for each course, and also indicate your intended major.

Special Note: If you are transferring from out-of-state or from a California UC/CSU campus, a course syllabus might be required; if so, your major advisor will ask you for the syllabus.

PLEASE SEND THE UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS DIRECTLY TO THE CORRESPONDING OFFICE. For questions, contact the corresponding major office directly.

Below is the list of majors requesting unofficial transcripts. Look for your major and send your unofficial transcript directly to the major office.

NOTE: Send only to your major advisor

Cognitive Science:
Economics: phone (831) 459-5028 or (831) 459-2028,
Literature: phone (831) 459-4778,
Philosophy: phone (831) 459-2070,

Unofficial Transcript definition: A printed record from a school/university/college that contains a student's academic history--all courses both past and current--but is not stamped and/or marked "Official" and is not enclosed in a sealed envelope marked "Unofficial if Opened"